2020 Powwow Cancelled Due to COVID-19

To Our Relatives, Friends and Supporters:

It is after heavy deliberation and with great sadness that we announce the cancellation of our 33rd annual Seafair Indian Days Powwow, which was scheduled to take place July 17-19, 2020 at Daybreak Star Indian Cultural Center in Seattle, WA.

This was an exceedingly difficult decision in light of what this powwow means to our community. Since the first intertribal powwow on these grounds 33 years ago, organized by our founder Bernie Whitebear, we have only been forced to cancel once.

We have a great number of Elders who attend our powwow, and who are most vulnerable to COVID-19 – cherished parents, grandparents, great grandparents and protectors of our languages, cultures and stories. With this decision, we choose to prioritize their health, and the health of our communities at large. We appreciate your kindness and understanding, and hope you will return to dance, sing, drum and gather with us next year.


Mike Tulee (Yakama) – UIATF Executive Director

United Indians’ Seafair Indian Days Powwow is held annually on the third weekend in July, in conjunction with Seattle Seafair, at our Powwow Grounds adjacent to the Daybreak Star Indian Cultural Center.

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Attendance over the 3-day event ranges from 7,000-10,000, including visitors, dancers, musicians, vendors and tourists.

This proud tradition brings Native Americans of all tribes and cultures together to celebrate. UIATF has held the 3 day long celebration in conjunction with Seafair for the past 30 years.

The Powwow showcases traditional Indian cooking, jewelry-making, music, and especially dancing. Throughout the day, tribes from the United States and Canada dance in full tribal regalia.

All are welcome, Native and non-Native alike! If this is your first time attending a Powwow, we invite you to look at our FAQ page for information and best practices.

Each year, a Powwow Princess is chosen from applicants around the region. Learn about our 2018-19 Powwow Princess here!

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