Cheap Wedding Venue

Yes, it is possible to find an affordable, quality wedding venue!


Affordable Event Rental

Many brides and grooms today are looking for a an affordable wedding venue. There are so many expensive options out there, but they just aren’t doable for the average person. Here at Daybreak Star, we believe that you shouldn’t have to empty out your wallet to create the wedding of your dreams! Daybreak Star is a great option for a more affordable wedding or reception, and we offer lowered off-peak and mid-week pricing. United Indians of All Tribes Foundation, the owners of Daybreak Star Wedding and Event Rentals, is a non-profit. We rent our gorgeous space to help support the work of our organization.

Save Money with Outside Catering and In-House Furniture

Do your own decorations, and use our low cost rental chairs and tables to save on expenses. To help you envision what a beautiful, affordable wedding could look like using these options, see the pictures below. Very few large wedding venues, even the affordable ones, allow you to bring in your own caterers.  Daybreak Star encourages you to book your own catering, saving as much as you’d like.