Sacred Circle Gallery holds Daybreak Star’s curated exhibits of Native American art, featuring contemporary and traditional Native American art by a wide range of internationally recognized and local artists.

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Current Exhibition


Artist Statement:

How do we grieve? What do we value? After attending the premiere of local director Derrick J. LaMere’s “United by Water” (War Pony Pictures) in October 2017, which shows the first tribal canoe journey and gathering at Kettle Falls since the Ceremony of Tears in 1943, I began to conceptualize a body of work that could hold the complexity of grief + pride the film left me with. Created during the summer of 2018 and ranging in medium + execution from gouache, charcoal, and carving to ready-made sculptural objects, these pieces are as much a prayer as they are a protest; a temporary memorial to beckon our deity the Chinook smɫi Salmon back home to our river.

From Arts Program Manager, Hank Cooper:

ROIN MORIGEAU: smɫi is a must see. The quiet chaos that exists within their incredible work challenges viewers to comprehend the tenacious story of the sacred Chinook Salmon through delicate, abstract telling and retelling. The absence of color in some of their pieces provokes pause and prayer. While the large gradients of pink and orange in others evokes movement and the flowing promise of a 111 mile long river.

Roin’s work is currently on display in the Sacred Circle Gallery until early Spring 2020. Stay connected to learn about ongoing programming happening in tandem with the show @sacredcirclegallery on Instagram and Facebook.

Call for Artists:

CALL FOR ART at the Sacred Circle Gallery!Daybreakstarart960x350

Our goal is to revitalize the Sacred Circle Gallery by incorporating as many voices of the local Native community and beyond through visual, performance, and literary art. We hope to bridge relationships with other art institutions and galleries across the state and country. This gallery is a space where Native people can express their sacred and sovereign identities without limitations.

I am reaching out to you to call for art commissions and donations. The works we are seeking at the moment include:

  • Visual Art – paintings, drawings, prints, and photography.
  • Sculpture and carvings
  • Local Literature – books, publications, poetry, and zines
  • Handmade jewelry and wearable adornments
  • Custom clothing and regalia
  • Audio Recordings – drum groups, local Native musicians of all genres, language lessons
  • Weavings and textiles
  • Pottery
  • Greeting cards, small gifts, toys and ornaments

Please share and send all inquiries to

Sacred Circle Gift Shop

Hours: (Thursday through Sunday, 10am – 4pm)

Sacred Circle Gallery hosts a wonderful neighboring gift shop with Native American made consignment pieces and original art, as well as books, clothing, home goods and other items. We work with many local artists and craftspeople to procure items that align with our history and vision for United Indians. Stop by to browse our amazing collection.

Permanent Collection

In 1975 the City of Seattle’s 1% for Art Program allocated $80,000 for the Daybreak Star Center for an original collection of Native American Art across cultures. Native American artists were selected through a national competition to create a group of works representative of contemporary India and Alaskan Native art. The Daybreak Star Arts Center opened to the public in 1978.

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