United Indians’ staff work daily to improve the spiritual, social, economic, educational, and cultural well-being of our region’s Indigenous community. At the core is our employment philosophy: Everyone should be treated with dignity and respect. United Indians employees enjoy competitive wages, great benefits, and a casual work environment.

We are committed to ensuring that our people, programs, and services reflect the diversity of the people and communities we serve.

United Indians of All Tribes Foundation recognizes the value of lived experience and the benefits of outside-of-the-classroom-learning as well as the inequities in access to higher education for our Native community. While the majority of the job openings at United Indians strongly prefer a bachelor’s degree, if you feel that your experience and education in community spaces will make you a high-quality candidate for a position, please reach out to our staff at jobs@unitedindians.org. We want to hire the best candidate for each position and sometimes an application isn’t enough for us to get to know you. Please send in a cover letter, resume, and application and explain what makes you the most qualified person for the job.

Job Openings

Daybreak Star Location:



Columbia City Location

Labateyah Youth Home Location:

Seatac Airport Kiosk Location:


After reviewing the job description, please submit a COMPLETED APPLICATION (must SAVE before submitting, otherwise we receive it blank) , cover letter, and resume to:

Email: jobs@unitedindians.org

Mailing Address: Personnel Department, PO Box 99100, Seattle, WA 98139