July 19-21, 2019

This year, we will honor our Two-Spirit family and friends through our theme, Love is Sacred. The Powwow will be held at Daybreak Star Cultural Center, directions to which can be found here.


Friday: 4pm-10pm (7pm Grand Entry)
Saturday: 10am-10pm (12pm & 7pm Grand Entry, 11am and 6pm Coastal Grand Entry)
Sunday: 10am-8pm (12pm Grand Entry)

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this your first time at a Powwow? Interested as to what you will experience? Please visit our FAQ for more information.

Powwow Art

This year’s Powwow art was designed by Maddie Nichols. Of the piece, Maddie says:

“For this work, I wanted to convey the connection between the two figures by surrounding them within a blanket as well as angling them closely toward each other, as if embracing. The hands are of the Creator as well as of the Native community at large, both supporting and acknowledging the sacredness of these two people. I hoped to convey the theme “Love Is Sacred” through this piece in a way that respects, honors and uplifts our 2SLGBTQIA community and represents our powwow in a good way.”

Hatito, my name is Maddie Nichols and I am a member of the Eastern Shawnee Tribe of Oklahoma. I was born and raised near the Seattle area, and currently live near Lake City, WA. I have worked within the Native community throughout my career and hold a BA in Native studies from The Evergreen State College.

I have had a passion for drawing and carving since a young age. Only recently have I explored new mediums such as painting, sculpting and textiles. I am greatly influenced by other artists, particularly within my own family, as well as by nature, animals, comics and our community and history. For me, creating art is both an act of personal expression as well as a tradition.


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