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"Creating opportunities for Native youth and families to build a healthy and positive future.”

Ina Maka Family Program:

Our goal is to improve family bonds by visiting in the home, making referrals and coordinating with community resources and support. We will work on reducing crime and/or domestic violence by making improvements in family self-sufficiency.  We will focus on prevention of injuries, child abuse, neglect or maltreatment, and reducing emergency room visits, improving school readiness and achievement.

Ina Maka Family Program is excited to share the results of our community needs assessment from Spring 2012. We want to thank the many community members and service providers that helped us create this document. We are currently using the results of this assessment to develop our new home visiting program and plan to begin services in early 2013. Please contact Katie Hess with any questions about the Community Needs Assessment and the Executive summary. khess@unitedindians.org / 206-285-4425 x 1041

Click here for the community needs assessment RESULTS.

Click here for the community needs assessment EXECUTIVE SUMMARY.

Parenting Classes :

Our parenting classes are designed to assist parents in making healthy parenting choices, provide support to each other, and learn about our children’s development.

Lynnette Jordan: 206-285-4425 x1007

Native American Services:

The UIATF Native American Services program provides religious and cultural support services to incarcerated Native women and men in WA State’s 12 correctional institutions. We achieve this through the provision of spiritually and culturally sensitive Native religious services which are developed with input from Elders, Native community, families and Tribes.

We coordinate the religious and culturally faith-based services in contract with Washington State’s Department of Corrections, facilitating all twelve prisons for Native American/Alaskan Native incarcerated men and women.

MintyLongEarth Santee Indian Nation of South Carolina/Creek/Choctaw

Program Manager

(206)285-4425 x1046


Photo: Storms Photographic
  Photo: Storms Photographic