LUP_overviewNorthwest Native Canoe Center at Lake Union Park in Seattle

On the south shore of Lake Union, in the heart of downtown Seattle, a decades-long dream is becoming a reality. The Northwest Native Canoe Center at Lake Union Park will be an active cultural center where hands-on experiences teach visitors about Native American life while supporting the ongoing vibrancy of Canoe culture traditions for the present and future generations.

The center will feature a range of activities highlighting indigenous maritime heritage, provide unique access to the Lake Union waterfront and offer distinctive, Native-inspired catering.

The Northwest Native Canoe Center is currently in the development phase,

Planned activities include:

  • Native American carvers-in-residence
  • Hands-on canoe experiences, floating classrooms and interpretive programs
  • Workshops and demonstrations focussed on Native American heritage, traditional foods and canoe culture
  • A catering facility providing local foods to Lake Union Park
  • Job training for youth in maritime carpentry and food service
  • Special events such as canoe blessings, dancing, drumming, art markets and special occasion feasts
  • Information and referrals to Pacific Northwest tribal tourism, and
  • Educational and cultural programs to promote the health and wellness of the greater Seattle Native American population

United Indians of All Tribes is currently undergoing planning and feasibility studies with the ultimate goal of opening the Northwest Native Canoe Center in summer of 2011.

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PDF of March 7, 2007 Magnolia Times Article about the Groundbreaking Ceremony