Cheap Wedding Venue

Yes, its possible to find a Cheap, Quality Wedding Venue!Seattle_Wedding_Photographer_-Rubin_Photography_Discovery_Park_Wedding_Daybreak_Star_047

Cheap Event Rental

Many brides and grooms today are looking for a cheap wedding venue.  We mean, really affordable.  There are so many expensive options, but they just aren’t in reach for the average person.  Daybreak Star is a great option for a cheap wedding or reception.   United Indians, the owner of Daybreak Star Wedding and event rentals is a not for profit.  They rent their gorgeous space to help make ends meet.  A key goal is to keep the venue affordable.  Our off peak and mid-week prices make renting our venue for your Seattle wedding even more affordable.

Save Money with Self Catering and In house furniture

Do your own decorations, and use our low cost rental chairs and tables to save on expenses.  See the pictures below, and you can see even a very cheap wedding can be absolutely beautiful.  Very few large wedding venues, even the affordable ones, allow you to bring in your own caterers.  Daybreak Star encourages you to book your own catering, saving as much as you’d like.