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Availability and Booking Request weddingpinterest

This calendar shows rental availability.  Please choose (HIGHLIGHT on Calendar by clicking) an open date, and send in a booking request with Date(s) and rooms requested via the form.  Rooms are:  Main Hall, Bernie Whitebear room, Lounge.  See the Daybreak Center Floor Plan

Or call our office at 206 829 2219 and request your date.

Bookings are not confirmed until your deposit has been received.  Do NOT assume that the reservation is yours until you have paid your deposit, and confirmed that we have received it.    Bookings are first PAID, first reserved.

HIghlight your Date(s) and fill out the Form Below.  RED is Reserved!  Gold is Pending,  LightGrey/white is Available.

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Thank you for your request, we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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